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Snapping Prawns


During the Equinox extremely low spring tides of March Frances Chapman, Leader of the Kerrier North U3A Wildlife group, organised a low tide ramble of the shoreline at Marazion.

We searched along the low water mark near the causeway to St Michaels Mount.

John Munday found two ‘snapping prawns’ which may be Alpheus glaber or Athanas nitescens both more commonly found in the Mediterranean.

Whilst being photographed they certainly made a sharp click with their huge claws.

These sounds are supposed to stun prey and ward off predators.

Rosemary Parslow says these prawns have been known to smash aquarium glass!

These are only about 5cm in length.

The prawns were taken to the Blue Reef Aquarium the next day but there is still some uncertainty about their exact identity. They are a pair and the female has since produced some eggs.

By Treve Opie

Photos by Michael Munday and Frances Chapman

Keyhole Limpet

I was lucky enough to find a keyhole limpet.

This extremely low tide produced a mass of interesting specimens including bull huss, Scyliorhinus stellaris, egg cases containing live young. Pam Channon found a recently hatched baby huss in a rockpool.

These egg cases are part of the ‘Mermaids purse’ range of eggs.

Treve Opie

Harlequin Ladybird

I have had my record of a Harlequin ladybird confirmed by the ladybird survey team.

7/5/2011 on a redcurrant bush in my garden SW666436 It was around for several days.

Treve Opie

UK Ladybird Survey team.

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