Abbreviations (initials) of persons

Abbreviations (initials) of persons; with earliest and latest dates of records entered; dates are lacking for persons not known to have collected significant specimens in Cornwall who are listed as referees, etc.; 'active' means active in Cornwall or Scilly):

ACC                A.C. Crundwell† (1923-2000; active 1962-1977)

ACS                Alex C. Smith [of Diss,Norfolk]

AF                   Miss A. Fry (active 1910)

AG                  A. Greenwood† (active 1843-1852)

AJES               A.J.E. Smith (active 1959-1962)

AL                         A. Ley† (pre 1900)

ARP                A.R. Perry (active 1987, 2000)

AS                   A. Sutton (active 1922)

AW                 A. Wilson

BE                   B. Edwards (active 1997)

BS                   Miss B. Saunders (active 1961)

BT                   Miss B. Tonkin (active 1998-2008)

BW                  Ms B. Wheeler (active 2001)

CAJ                 Rev. C.A. Johns† (active 1838-ca 1860)

CCT                C.C. Townsend (active 1957-2000)

CDP                C.D. Preston (active 1980-2005)

CEL                Miss C.E. Larter† (active 1901)

CHB                Rev. C.H. Binstead† (1862-1941; active 1926)

CJN                 Ms C.J. Neil (active 1998)

CPH                C.P. Hurst† (active 1916-1933)

CSR                Mrs Christine S. Rieser (active 2000)

DAJ                 D.A. Jones†

DAN               D.A. Newman (active 1985)

DAP                D.A. Pearman (active 2005)

DAR               D.A. Ratcliffe† (active 1983)

DC                  D. Callaghan (active 2010-2012)

DEC                D.E. Coombe (active 1958)

DFC                D.F. Chamberlain (active 1964)

DGC               D.G. Catcheside (active 1929)

DGL                D.G. Long (active 1979-2000)

DTH                D.T. Holyoak [b. 1949] (active 1993-2010)

DW                 D. Wrench (active 2000)

EAW               Miss E.A. Warren† (active 1833-1859)

ECW               E.C. Wallace† (1909-1986; active 1962-1982)

EDM               E.D. Marquand† (active 1879- ca 1884)

EF                   E.Forster† (active 1791)

EFW                E.F. Warburg† (active 1946-1962)

EL                   E.Lyell† (pre 1900)

EMH               E.M. Holmes† (active ca 1869-1906)

EML                Miss E.M. Lobley† (active 1950)

EMT                Mrs E.M. Tindall† (pre 1900)

EN                   Mrs E. Nyholm† (active 1962)

ERBL              E.R.B. Little (active 1963-1966)

ES                   Mrs E. Stackhouse† (active 1857-1865)

EVW               E.V. Watson† (active 1987)

EWJ                E.W. Jones† (1909-1992; active 1940-1962)

FB                   F. Brent† (active ca 1869)

FEM                F.E. Milsom (active 1932)

FJR                  F.J. Rumsey (active 1998-2002)

FR                   F. Rilstone† (active 1910-1949)

FRJ                  F.R. Jeffrey (active 2000-2009)

FRL                 F.R. Lammiman (active 2000)

FRo                 F. Rose† (active 1971-1998)

GAH               Mrs G.A. Holyoak (b. 1953; active 1996-2008)

GBS                G.B. Savery† (active 1908)

GC                  G. Castle (active 1986)

GED                G.E. Davies (active 1886)

GH                  G. Halliday (active 1965)

GHA               G.H. Allison (active 1936)

GPR                G.P. Rothero

GS                   G. Smith (active 2000)

HA                  H. Angwin†

HB                  H. Boyden† (active 1894-1904)

HBos               H. Boswell† (active 1884)

HHB               Mrs H.H. Birks (active 1966)

HHH               H.H. Harvey† (active 1920)

HHK               H.H. Knight† (1862-1944; active 1919-1930)

HJBB              H.J.B. Birks (active 1966)

HLKW            H.L.K. Whitehouse† (1917-2000; active 1950-1966)

HND               H.N. Dixon† (1861-1944; active 1886)

HvM                H. van Melick (active 1984)

HWM              H.W. Matcham (active 2000)

IMS                 I.M. Smith (active 1962)

JA                    Mrs J. Appleyard† (active 1960-1966)

JAP                 Mrs J.A. Paton (b. 1929; active 1959-2010)

JB                    J. Blackburn (active 2000)

JBD                 J.B. Duncan† (active 1928-1930)

JD                    J. Dransfield (active 1966)

JDE                 J.D. Enys† (ca 1860)

JDS                 J.D. Sleath (active 2000-2005)

JEB                 J.E. Bowman† (active pre 1880)

JGD                 J.G. Duckett (active 1969-2003)

JHA                 J.H. Adams (1953-1960)

JHGP              J.H.G. Peterken (1962)

JIH                  Miss Janice I. Hendey (active 2000)

JLH                 J.L. Harper (active 1950)

JR                    J. Ralfs†  [1807-1890; see Marquand 1891 for Obituary] (active 1838-1882)

JS                    J. Stackhouse† (active 1854-1861)

JSP                  J.S. Parker (active 1967)

JST                  J.S. Tozer† (active 1820-1852)

JV                    J. Vána

JWB                J.W. Bates (active 2000)

JWF                 Mrs J.W. Fitzgerald† (active 1966)

KL                   K. Lewis (active 1966)

KMC               Mrs K.M. Cocking (active 2000)

KPM               K. Preston-Mafham (active 1999-2002)

LHP                L.H. Pegler

LJC                 L.J. Cocks† (active pre 1900-1921)

MAW              M.A. Walton (active 2000)

MCFP             M.C.F. Proctor (active 2000)

MEN               Miss/Dr M.E. Newton (active 1966)

MFVC             M.F.V. Corley (active 1967)

MGM              M.G.MacFarlane (active 1958)

Miller               Miller† (active pre 1900)

MJH                Miss M.J. Harrison (active 1980)

ML                  M. Lawley (active 2000)

MOH               M.O. Hill (active 2000)

MP                  M. Pool (active 1996-2009)

NDS                N. De Sausmarez (active 2003-2006)

NFS                 N.F. Stewart (active 2000)

NGH               N.G. Hodgetts (active 1987-2009)

PAG                P.A. Gainey (active 1997-2006)

PDR                P.D. Read (active 1959)

PJW                 P.J. Wanstall (active 1950-1955)

PM                  P. Martin (active 1996)

PWR               P.W. Richards† (1908-1995; active 1924)

RAF                R.A. Finch† (active 1984-2005)

RCS                R.C. Stern (active 2000)

RDP                R.D. Porley (active 1989-2000)

RJF                  R.J. Fisk (active 2000)

RJM                Miss R.J. Murphy (active 1958-2000)

RL                   R. Lansdown (active 2006)

RVT                R.V. Tellam† (active 1872 -1897)

RWS               R.W. Smitham† (active 1904-1921)

SA                   S. Adams (active 2001-2002)

SDSB              S.D.S. Bosanquet (active 2000)

SD                   S. Davey (active 1999-2000)

SJPW              S.J.P. Waters (active 1962)

SRE                 S.R. Edwards (active 2001-2002)

SVOL             S.V. O'Leary (active 2000)

TGT                 T.G. Tutin† (active 1946)

THB                T.H. Blackstock

TL                   T.Laflin (active 1949-1967)

TLB                 T.L. Blockeel (active 2000)

UKD               Miss U.K. Duncan† (active 1958 ['1910-1962'; ? is 1910 correct)

VC                  Miss V. Cornwall (active 1961)

WAG              W.A. Glasson (pre 1900)

WB                  W. Borrer† (active ca 1843)

WC                  W. Curnow† (active 1842-1886)

WEN               W.E. Nicholson† (1866-1945; active 1907-1931, ? ca -1938)

Wise                Wise (between 1900 and 1950)

WM                 W. Mitten† (1819-1906; active 1883-1895)

WW                 W. Watson† (active 1921)


















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