David T. Holyoak
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Mrs Jean A. Paton MBE is thanked for use of records, gifts and checking of specimens, teaching me to identify liverworts, and expertise freely shared.

Records have been used from the Biological Records Centre (Wallingford): thanks are due to Dr M.O. Hill and Dr C.D. Preston for providing these. Dr C.N. French and P. McCartney made records available from the ERICA Database of the former Cornish Biological Records Unit and latterly from ERCCIS.

The following kindly provided information on bryophytes recorded since 1992: S. Adams, Dr J.W. Bates, I. Bennallick, J. Blackburn, T.L. Blockeel, S.D.S. Bosanquet, Dr D. Callaghan, Mrs K.M. Cocking, S. Davey, Prof. J.G. Duckett, Dr S.R. Edwards, the late Dr R.A. Finch, R.J. Fisk, Dr P.A. Gainey, Miss J.I. Hendey, Dr M.O. Hill, N.G. Hodgetts, F.R. Jeffrey, F.R. Lammiman, M. Lawley, H.W. Matcham, Miss R.J. Murphy, Ms C.J. Neil, Dr M.E. Newton, Dr S.V. O'Leary, Mrs J.A. Paton, A.R. Perry, M. Pool, R.D. Porley, Dr C.D. Preston, K. Preston-Mafham, Dr M.C.F. Proctor, Mrs C.S. Rieser, the late Dr F. Rose, Dr F.J. Rumsey, N. de Sausmarez, Dr J.D. Sleath, G. Smith, R.C. Stern, N.F. Stewart, C.C. Townsend, M.A. Walton, Ms B. Wheeler, D. Wrench.

Thanks are due to the following experts for critical comments on specimens: T.H. Blackstock, T.L. Blockeel, S.D.S. Bosanquet, the late A.C. Crundwell, Dr L. Hedenäs, Dr M.O. Hill, Mrs J.A. Paton, G.P. Rothero, A.C. Smith, Dr A.J.E. Smith, C.C. Townsend, the late Dr E.V. Watson, the late Dr H.L.K. Whitehouse.

Other help and miscellaneous information was received from: Mrs S. Board, Dr M.A.S. Burton, R. Clements, Prof. J.G. Duckett, Dr C.N. French, Dr M.O. Hill, N.G. Hodgetts, Miss R.J. Murphy, R.D. Porley, S. Rouen, Dr F.J. Rumsey, Dr B. Shaw, Dr A.J.E. Smith, M. Sullivan, Ms B. Tonkin, L. Walsh, the late Dr H.L.K. Whitehouse.

Mrs S.M. Turk is thanked for introducing me to the County of Cornwall Reference of Place Names and other help and encouragement.

Photographs that accompany the Flora were kindly made available by Dr D. Callaghan (Cephaloziella integerrima, Conardia compacta, Riccia bifurca, Telaranea europaea, Tortula wilsonii), Dr S.R. Edwards (Douinia ovata, two photos of Cyclodictyon laetevirens), Dr M. Lueth (132 photos); the photographers retain the copyright.

Loans of specimens are gratefully acknowledged from BBSUK, CGE, E, Isles of Scilly Museum (Hugh Town) and NMW. Other material was examined at BM, S, TRU and the Isles of Scilly Museum (Hugh Town).

Grateful acknowledgement is made for funding for various of my bryological surveys in Cornwall from: former Cornish Biological Records Unit, Cornwall Environmental Consultants, Cornwall Wildlife Trust, English Nature/Natural England, Environment Agency, IMERYS, The National Trust, Plantlife/Plantlife International. Permission for access to land was freely given by numerous landowners, including Goonvean Ltd and IMERYS.

Geraldine Holyoak is thanked for much encouragement, assistance and forbearance during all the years since 1993 when this project has dominated our household.

The maps were produced using the DMAP mapping software, written by Dr A.J. Morton .

Design and construction of the website version of the Flora was carried out by Dr C.N. French.