BBS                British Bryological Society

B.I.                  Great Britain and Ireland

BRC                Biological Records Centre, Wallingford

Bull.                 Bulletin of the British Bryological Society

C&S                Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

CC                   Census Catalogue of BBS

cfr                    with sporophytes

comm.             communicated by [initials of person]

conf.                Determination confirmed by [initials of person]

cper                 with perianths

CWT               Cornwall Wildlife Trust

det.                  Determined by [initials of person]

Exc.                 Excursion [Field Meeting]

HWST             high-water spring tide

J. Bryol.           Journal of Bryology

JNCC              Joint Nature Conservation Committee

leg.                  Collected by [initials of person]

NVC               National Vegetation Classification (see Rodwell 1991a-2000)

pen.                 peninsula

R.                    River

redet.               reidentified

s. l.                   sensu lato, i.e. aggregate species (comprising two or more taxa)

s. str.                sensu stricto (cf. s. l.)

Scilly               Isles of Scilly

SEM                scanning electron microscope

syn.                  synonym

Trans.              Transactions of the British Bryological Society

t.s.                   transverse section

vc1                  Vice County 1 (West Cornwall, including Scilly)

vc2                  Vice County 2 (East Cornwall)

µm                   micron (0.001 mm)     

1-12                 Months, when discussing capsules (see above)

=                      Correct name of taxon

*                      First record in vc1, vc2

+                      Updated record  in vc1 or vc2 [where published and none recorded for > 50 years]


The heading for each taxon contains the following information (†Threat categories are based on the revised list by Hodgetts 2011, replacing those in the British Red Data Book by Church et al. 2001).


ALIEN           Thought to be an introduced species in British Isles

CR                  Critically Endangered †

EN                  Endangered †

LS                   Locally Scarce (taxa recorded post-1950 from four or fewer sites in Cornwall

                        or Isles of Scilly, but which are not NR or NS)

NR                  Nationally Rare (recorded post-1950 in 1–15 hectads in Britain, mainly following list by Preston 2010,

                        with data on infraspecific taxa from other sources)

NS                   Nationally Scarce (recorded post-1950 in 16–100 hectads in Britain,

                        following list by Preston 2006 with additions by Preston 2010: 33, i.e.

                        excluding recent additions to British list and most infraspecific taxa)

S                      Recorded in Isles of Scilly (see Paton & Holyoak 2005)

s. l.                   sensu lato, i.e. aggregate species (comprising two or more taxa)

s. str.                sensu stricto

S8                    On Schedule 8 of Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981

VU                  Vulnerable †

1                      Recorded in mainland vc1 [excludes Isles of Scilly]

2                      Recorded in vc2

vc1                  West Cornwall and Isles of Scilly (vice-county 1)

vc2                  East Cornwall (vice-county 2)

[ ]                     Pre-1950 records only

{ }                    Recorded only as weed of horticulture


















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