P.A. Gainey

There are approximately 90 British species of echinoderm (Echinodermata), of which about 48 species have been reported from Cornish waters since 1970. Of these, 18 species can be considered to be locally or nationally scarce. Gainey, in Spalding, A. (Ed) 1997, has reviewed the status of this group around the coasts of Cornwall. The publications, A Field Guide to the Shallow-water Echinoderms of the British Isles (Picton, 1993), the Marine Fauna of North-West Europe (Hayward & Ryland, 1990), the Marine Biological Association (1957) and Echinoderms (Southward & Campbell, 2006), have proved to be valuable references.

1. CRINOIDEA (the feather stars)

Antedon petasus

Leptometra celtica

2. ASTEROIDEA (the starfishes)

Asterina phylactica Small Cushion Star

Leptasterias muelleri

Luidia sarsi

Solaster endeca

Stichastrella rosea

3. OPHIUROIDEA (the brittlestars)

Amphiura securigera

Amphiura chiajei

Asteronyx loveni

Ophiopsila aranea

Ophiopholis aculeata Crevice Brittlestar

4. ECHINOIDEA (the sea-urchins)

Echinocardium flavescens

Paracentrotus lividus Purple Rock Urchin

5. HOLOTHURIOIDEA (the sea-cucumbers)

Leptosynapta bergensis

Pseudothyone raphanus

Thyone inermis

Thyone roscovita