P.A. Gainey

The positive identification of the various sponges, especially the more critical species, has always proved difficult, relying heavily on microscopic examination of skeletal spicules, size, shape and arrangement. At the present time approximately 304 species have been recorded from around the British coastline, of which about 100 have been recorded from Cornish waters. Gainey, in Spalding, A., (Ed) 1997, has previously reviewed the status of the sponges around the Cornish coastline. There is no Red Data Book for these species and the following sponges have been classified as pRDB or pNS according to the author’s experience, Ackers et al. (1992) and further helpful comments from G. Ackers.

Adreus fascicularis

Amphilectus lobatus

Antho inconstans

Axinella damicornis

Axinella dissimilis

Axinella infundibuliformis

Crella rosea

Desmacidon fruticosum

Endectyon delaubenfelsi

Guancha lacunosa

Haliclona angulata

Haliclona fibulata

Homaxinella subdola

Leuconia gossei

Protosuberites epiphytum

Stelleta grubii

Stryphnus ponderosus

Terpios fugax

Tethyspira spinosa

Thymosia guernei

Ulosa stupata