Phaneroptera falcata

Range & Status

A breeding colony was recorded at Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve in 2006, which must have arrived in 2005 or earlier, with a further specimen found in Hampshire, also in 2006 (Sutton, 2006). The Hastings colony was still present in 2007, confirming its established status. Also found as a rare casual with imported plant material.

Regional Distribution

The first UK specimen was collected at Porthgwarra by Dr Mason in September 1881. A further specimen was taken at nearby Sennen Cove on 11th September 1884 by W. Daws of Mansfield. It was not until 1907 that Mr Daws sent the specimen, by then in a very fragmentary condition, to W.J. Lucas, an authority on Orthoptera, for his inspection. Lucas commented that it seemed without doubt to be this species (Lucas, 1920 p.199). Having regard to the Hastings and Hampshire insects, it could turn up here again.

Habitat & Ecology

In Hastings Country Park, on Rose-bay Willowherb Chamerion angustifolium in dry grassland on a sheltered southern aspect.


None known.


None known.