Phaeoceros carolinianus

Range & Status

(syn. Phaeoceros laevis (L.) Prosk. subsp. carolinianus (Michx.) Prosk.). Occurs in C., N. and E. Europe, Iceland, Asia, Macaronesia, C. Africa and N. America. In Britain known only in the south, from Monmouth and Essex southwards, although probably under-recorded (Paton, 1999; Blackstock & Bosanquet, 2004).

Regional Distribution

Single record from S. of Penfound (SX29) in 1971. It has not been refound there on two subsequent visits.

Habitat & Ecology

Grows as an annual on moist or wet soil in arable fields and beside ditches. This species is monoicous and produces sporophytes that mature from September to December.


No information.