Parasyrphus nigritarsis

Range & Status

The status of this species in Britain is amibiguous, with few records: from Speyside and possibly in Aberdeenshire in 1930s, from Pembrokeshire and a garden in Cardiganshire in 1987-88, in Cornwall in 1980.

Regional Distribution

Recorded at Crousa on The Lizard in September 1980.

Habitat & Ecology

Occurs in the vicinity of broadleaved woodland, with adults in May and June. On the Continent larvae predate larvae of Chrysomelid beetles, changing host species with increasing size.


Loss of native woodland and adjacent rides and grassland.


The Cornish record was in the Lizard National Nature Reserve. Listed (UK BAP long list) as a globally threatened/declining species (BSGR, 1995) but does not appear to be on the UK BAP Priority Species list (2007).