Myrmedobia inconspicua

Range & Status

A western European species, widespread on the southern and eastern coasts of England.

Regional Distribution

Distributed widely in the Isles of Scilly and most recently from the Garrison, St. Mary' s in 1987. Otherwise known from Kynance Cove (1955) and the Logan Rock at Treen in West Penwith (1999).

Habitat & Ecology

It is a coastal species, found at the roots of Marram Ammophila arenaria and other plants on dunes, on lichen-covered boulders, and amongst grassy vegetation immediately above rocky shores. The females are flightless.


The main threats are coastal development and erosion through public pressure. Abandonment of coastal grazing which results in outcrops becoming engulfed in scrub is also a concern.


See introductory section for the general principles of habitat management.