Mycetophagus quadriguttatus

Range & Status

Formerly widely distributed in England but has become increasingly scarce in recent years and only reported from the south.

Regional Distribution

Two old records from Cornwall: the valley of Lynher (Clark, 1906) and a flour mill at St. Anthony in 1938 (R.T. Bannister). Discovered in large numbers on powdery  fungus inside an old hollow Beech Fagus sylvatica stump in Boconnoc Deer Park in 1989 (Alexander, 1991b).

Habitat & Ecology

A species of old pasture-woodlands, breeding in wood-decaying fungi; also occurring in granaries, food-stores etc. on decaying stored products.


Loss of the older age classes of trees, and removal of their associated deadwood.


Boconnoc Park has a sympathetic owner and is a SSSI.