Mentha pulegium

Range & Status

Native; European Southern-temperate plant. It was formerly scattered through England, Wales and Ireland, in the Isles of Scilly and on the Channel Islands, but has now declined very markedly.

Regional Distribution

In Cornwall Pennyroyal has undergone a dramatic decline. It has been recorded from 55 1km squares in total, including a former site on the Isles of Scilly. The remaining sites are at Penhale (SW61), Lowland Point (SW71), St. Loy (SW42), Luxulyan (SX05) and Pensilva (SX26), though some of these may be introduced plants.

Habitat & Ecology

Pennyroyal is a native perennial plant that grows in wet places on sandy soil, in poached and grazed pond margins, along winter-wet tracks and in ruts in old pastures.


Lack of disturbance and the surfacing of tracks.


Some disturbance of the ground by poaching, combined with heavy grazing by cattle or horses appears to be essential for its survival.