P.A. Gainey

There are approximately 80 species of nemertean worms (ribbon worms) recorded from around the British coastline. Gainey, in Spalding, A. (Ed.) 1997, has reviewed the status of this group around the coasts of Cornwall. Of these, approximately 40 species have been recorded from Cornish waters. Many are very rare, being known from only very few specimens which were collected and identified in the earlier part of the 20th century. The Nemertea represent a poorly studied group, and it is almost certain that many of these apparently rare species will be found to be much more common than previously thought.

There is no Red Data Book that includes these species. The provisional listings here depend largely on the author’s experience, the information stored on the ERICA database in Cornwall, the Marine Biological Association (1957), Gibson (1982), and Wynhoff (1912). The ribbon worms have been classified as pNS to indicate that they would probably be considered for inclusion into a national Red Data Book on nemerteans.

1. Anopla

Baseodiscus delineatus

Carinesta anglica

Cerebratulus lacteus

Micrura aurantiaca

Micrura elegans

Micrura pseudovaricolor

Myoisophagus lacteus

Oxypolia beaumontiana

Poliopsis lacazei

Tubulanus albocapitatus

Tubulanus nothus

2. Enopla

Amphiporus allucens

Carcinonemertes carcinophila

Oerstedia crassus

Prosorhochmus claparedii

Punnettia splendida

Tetrastemma ambiguum

Tetrastemma angulatus

Tetrastemma cephalophorum

Tetrastemma cruciatus

Tetrastemma helvolum