Leptura aurulenta

Range & Status

A local, predominantly southern and western species in the British Isles.

Regional Distribution

Cornwall is perhaps the main UK concentration of the species; a large population in Boconnoc Deer Park. May occasionally be overlooked as four-banded longhorn L. quadrifasciata , which is the rarer of the two in Cornwall.

Habitat & Ecology

Larvae develop in the cambial layer of large freshly dead trunks and boughs of broadleaved trees in open woodland and pasture-woodland. Adults nectar at flowers of umbellifers, Bramble Rubus fruticosus agg. and Broom Cytisus scoparius .


Clearance of dead and fallen trees and branches; gaps in age classes of broadleaved trees; loss of old trees.


Boconnoc Park has a sympathetic owner and is a SSSI.