Juniperus communis subsp. hemisphaerica

Range & Status

Native; Mediterranean-montane species. In the British Isles this sub-species only occurs in Cornwall. It was thought to occur in Pembrokeshire but recent research using Molecular Markers has disproved this (Squirrell & Hollingsworth, 2008).

Regional Distribution

Restricted to a small area on the The Lizard (SW61) where, at most, a dozen plants survive: all bar one are female.

Habitat & Ecology

A dwarf prostrate shrub growing in coastal maritime heath on serpentine.


The tiny population size means this species could easily be wiped out by fire. Recently threatened by the introduction of Highland cattle to graze The Lizard heaths.


It is easily propogated and specimens are maintained at several locations. Re-introduction attempts have been made in the past, but have failed.