Infurcitinea captans

Range & Status

Previously misidentified as I. albicomella , which is thought to no longer occur in Cornwall ( I. albicomella is found in four other localities in the British Isles) (Heckford, 2005). I. captans has not previously been recorded in the British Isles and certainly warrants RDB status. Found in Europe from France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Yugoslavia.

Regional Distribution

Recorded in six separate areas in west Cornwall (VC1), five on the north coast and one on the west coast of the Lizard Peninsula.

Habitat & Ecology

The larvae feed on the ground in silken spinnings amongst black frass, detritus and dead leaves of Hairy Green-weed Genista pilosa and the dead leaves and dead flowers of Bell Heather Erica cinerea , especially where the vegetation was sparse.


None known.