Harpalus melancholicus

Range & Status

Formerly widespread across southern Britain, but most recently known from just one site in Pembrokeshire in 1992.

Regional Distribution

Discovered commonly at Whitesand Bay (Champion, 1897), it was re-discovered at

Sennen Beach by R.T. Bannister in 1964, when he described it as ' not common' . It has also been reported from near Fern Pit, Newquay in 1902 (Clark, 1906).

Habitat & Ecology

A sand dune speciality feeding mainly on seeds.


Development of sand dune systems for recreation; coarsening of vegetation through lack of grazing and/or trampling, with consequent loss of open sandy areas; coastal protection works.


Protect all remaining undisturbed sand dune systems from inappropriate developments, and maintain or restore traditional grazing systems. This species is listed on the UK BAP Priority Species list (2007).