Grimmia crinita

Range & Status

Formerly known in the British Isles at three sites, on a canal-bridge in Warwickshire (1872-1882), on a wall in Dublin (1950) and on concrete in E. Cornwall (1999). It is widespread in S. Europe, ranging northwards to Poland and Estonia, and is known elsewhere in the Canary Islands, North Africa, the Near East and Middle East.

Regional Distribution

One small tuft was found near Treviscoe in 1999. The species has not been refound there so it may have been only a temporary colonist rather than an established population, although a full search of the surrounding area has not been possible.

Habitat & Ecology

Known in Cornwall only on the unshaded, SE.-facing, vertical, concrete wall of a settling tank in a china-clay works. In Europe the species is a calciphile, growing on basic sandstone and mortar at low altitudes. The Cornish specimen had immature capsules in February.


Perhaps already extinct at the Treviscoe site.


This species is listed on the UK BAP Priority Species list (2007).