Gnaphosa occidentalis

Range & Status

Only recorded in Britain from Cornwall.

Regional Distribution

Recorded from two locations on The Lizard, Cadgwith (1922) and Kynance Cove (1932). Despite extensive searches at both sites this species had not been relocated at these sites. It was rediscovered on the army training ground at Penhale near Newquay, in June 2004 (Smithers, 2004).

Habitat & Ecology

This information was not recorded from The Lizard sites but both of the sites comprise a mixture of coastal heath or grassland. At Penhale the single female was found under a stone at the edge of a path through an area of cliff top grassland with heather.


Until the true habitat for this species has been identified it is difficult to identify specific threats. However public pressure on cliff top grasslands is likely to lead to loss of suitable habitat.


Both Cornish sites are within a National Nature Reserve.