Gentianella campestris

Range & Status

Native biennial; European Boreo-temperate species. Found mostly in northern Britain; there are very few sites left in southern Britain, where it appears to have declined dramatically.

Regional Distribution

In total it has been recorded from 64 1km squares, of which six are extant - five on The Lizard (SW61 and SW71) and one at Kit Hill (SX37), in East Cornwall. At Hayle Kimbro, on The Lizard (SW61), over 1000 plants were recorded in 1997, but only a few in 2008.

Habitat & Ecology

In Cornwall it has been found mostly inland, in open rough grassland pastures and short, wet, grassy heaths and along heath tracks. Population levels can fluctuate markedly from year to year.


Lack of grazing and scrub encroachment.


The maintenance of suitable grazing regimes is essential. The remaining sites are reasonably well protected apart from Hayle Kimbro.