Erythromma najas

Range & Status

Locally common in southern England and south-west Wales, this species becomes increasingly uncommon in south-west England. However, there is evidence of a move south-westwards and it now occurs in Devon; the nearest colony to Cornwall is Stover Country Park near Newton Abbot.

Regional Distribution

There are a number of unconfirmed records from Cornwall, but it has yet to have a confirmed record in the Duchy.

Habitat & Ecology

The Red-eyed Damselfly favours still water habitats with large expanses of floating vegetation. It can also be found on slow moving streams and canals where water movement is sluggish enough to encourage plants with floating leaves.


Clearance of most of the floating vegetation or an increase in water velocity will have a negative effect on the success of this species.


Given the species move westwards, it should be looked for in suitable habitat in the east Cornwall. It is classified as a ' key site' indicator should it be discovered.