Ectobius pallidus

Range & Status

Nationally local across south and south-east England, with most records east of Weymouth, and south of the Thames. It has also been found in Devon near Exeter, and there are several colonies on the Gower Peninsula in Wales, as well as single recent records from west Suffolk and near Liverpool.

Regional Distribution

A singleton recorded at Falmouth pre-1907 is the sole VC1 record. In VC2 it has only been recorded on the warmer south coast. There is an old record from near Looe c.1920, and in more recent years, it has been found at Nare Head in 1989. Keith Alexander has made all subsequent records, being Talland Bay near Looe in 2000 and Pendower Beach in 2001. In 2006, he also found it at Polruan, Pencarrow Head, and several sites on the coast near Lansallos, as well as at Treluggan Cliffs near Treworlas in 2007 (Alexander pers. comm.).

Habitat & Ecology

More maritime than Dusky Cockroach; found in coarse herbage, chalk downland, scrubby woodland and on dry heathland.


Excessive trampling.


None known.