Dumortiera hirsuta

Range & Status

In Europe recorded from Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Known elsewhere in Macaronesia, widely in tropical regions of Asia, Africa and S. America, also Bermuda, Philippines, Tahiti and Hawaiian Islands. In Britain, very local at widely scattered sites, mostly on or near coasts, from Cornwall to W. Scotland and in Sussex.

Regional Distribution

Known at four widely separated sites (SW72C, SX08U, SX19A, SX19F).

Habitat & Ecology

Restricted to moist or wet places that are constantly humid, growing mostly on rocks or steep banks of soil beside streams in woodland. It is dioicous or autoicous; sporophytes are occasional, maturing May to September.


No detailed information, but survival of this species is evidently dependent upon tree cover maintaining the humid conditions it requires. Populations upstream of Boscastle may have been harmed by erosion during the catastrophic flooding of recent years.


Treated as Vulnerable in the Red-list (Church et al ., 2001). This species is listed on the UK BAP Priority Species list (2007).