Dryops striatellus

Range & Status

A widely distributed though very localised species recorded from England and Wales with most records from southern counties.

Regional Distribution

Recorded from Goonhilly Downs in 1965 by R.T. Bannister and from the same area in 1993 by P. Kirby (pers. comm.). Found to be widespread on The Lizard heaths in surveys between 1996 and 2007 (Bilton, unpublished). Discovered by K.N.A. Alexander near Porthgwarra in 1987, the only known site away from The Lizard.

Habitat & Ecology

Recorded from pools, including temporary ones, on heathlands and in dune slacks. On The Lizard primarily found in small, temporary grassy pools on heathland.


Habitat loss.


The Lizard NNR covers some of the known sites.