Dianthus armeria

Range & Status

Native; Scattered across the southern half of the British Isles. An European Temperate species.

Regional Distribution

There are four extant sites in Cornwall; Sandy Mouth (SS21), Saltash goods yard (SX45) and two near Portreath (SW64). It was once known in 20 1km squares. It is thought to be a neophyte at all except one of the Cornish sites.

Habitat & Ecology

Open, disturbed sites in short grassland, railway sidings and pathways. Mainly coastal.


The main threat is habitat loss through competition from more vigorous plants. Ironically at Sandy Mouth (SS21) rabbits, which keep the grassland short and suitable for colonisation, also eat the plants.


Recently the population at Portreath (SW64) has revived through path clearance work by BTCV volunteers.