Cantharis lateralis

Range & Status

Widespread and not uncommon over much of lowland England, but rare in the west.

Regional Distribution

Mainly known in Cornwall from the extensive wet alluvial pastures along River Amble between Chapel Amble and the Camel Estuary - a rare habitat type in Cornwall and perhaps unique to this area. Also found at Harlyn Bay in 1994, Colliford Lake in 1996 (both by Ian Hoare), and in Coombe Valley, Kilkhampton in 2006.

Habitat & Ecology

A lowland wetland species, occurring in damp meadows and pastures, and in open marshy places generally.


Loss of wet alluvial pastures through agricultural improvements such as drainage and fertilisers. Clearance of marginal and emergent vegetation from field drains. Abandonment of pastures leading to coarsening and scrub development.


Protection of the Amble River pastures from damaging practices and developments.