Calyptrochaeta apiculatus

Range & Status

(syn. Eriopus apiculatus (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt.). Native of the S. Hemisphere, in S. Africa, Chile, Argentina and Australasia. Almost certainly an accidental introduction to the British Isles, where known only from the Isles of Scilly (Paton, 1968, 1969), E. Sussex (Stern, 1991) and E. Cork (Hill et al ., 2008).

Regional Distribution

Known only from Tresco, where it was first found in 1967; almost certainly an introduction with horticultural plants.

Habitat & Ecology

On Tresco it grows in small quantities in several places on shaded loamy or humic soil of banks in and near the Abbey Gardens; only sterile and female plants occur (Paton, 1968, 1969, pers. comm.).


None apparent in 1995 and 2003.