Blysmus compressus

Range & Status

Native. European Temperate, with a continental distribution in western Europe; also in Central Asia. Mainly found in East Anglia, northern and central-southern England, with a scattering of sites elsewhere, except Ireland.

Regional Distribution

Restricted to the Ellenglaze valley, but may still persist near the Lost Church, both sites in the Penhale Sands (SW75). It has gone from Perranporth (SW75), Porthtowan (SW64) and two sites on The Lizard (SW61).

Habitat & Ecology

Grows around the edge of dune-slacks and slightly drier areas of base-rich marshland.


The growth of Grey Willow threatens some of the dune slacks on Penhale Sands.


Penhale Sands is part of an SAC. The MOD has undertaken willow scrub clearance within the parts of the Ellenglaze valley under their stewardship.