Baldellia ranunculoides

Range & Status

Native. Suboceanic Southern-temperate species. Most common in central Ireland, Anglesey, coastal Wales, the New Forest and scattered elsewhere, including Scotland.

Regional Distribution

Found west of a line from Wadebridge (SW97) to Fowey (SX15), with the largest concentration on The Lizard, but also found at Penhale Sands (SW75), Booby' s Bay (SW87), Goss Moor (SW95) and near St. Buryan (SW32). There were many other sites in this area. On the Isles of Scilly it occurred on St. Mary' s (SV91) until 2000.

Habitat & Ecology

Pond margins, pools, boggy flushes, dune-slacks, and muddy tracks. Open conditions are required for this plant to thrive.


Drainage, competition from other plants, drying out of habitat, and mis-management of existing habitat.


Most sites are in protected areas, however, it continues to decline in these areas.