Arum italicum subsp. neglectum

Range & Status

Native. Oceanic Temperate plant; found in western Europe from north Spain to the British Isles. Mostly along the southern coast of Britain, the Isles of Scilly and the Channel Islands.

Regional Distribution

Most common around St. Ives (SW54), Hayle (SW53) and Penzance (SW42) and scattered elsewhere. On the Isles of Scilly it is the dominant Cuckoo Pint (no A. maculatum present) and is on all the inhabited islands plus Samson.

Habitat & Ecology

Found in open deciduous woodland, churchyards, by paths, road verges and Cornish Hedges. In the Isles of Scilly it is also found beside pools and in arable fields.




None of the sites are protected, except on the Isles of Scilly where it occurs in some SSSI sites.