Arena tabida

Range & Status

Formerly widely recorded over Britain, but has only been reported from two vice-counties recently.

Regional Distribution

Found by R.T. Bannister under seaweed at Hayle in 1932 and at Lelant in 1934. It had only previously been found in Cornwall by J.H. Keys on the upper shore at Millbrook Creek. The Lelant locality may have been Porth Kidney Sands where S.M. Turk reported it in 1967 and 1968.

Habitat & Ecology

Coastal habitats, associated with dung, carrion and decaying organic material generally.


Coastal protection works and the abandonment of coastal rough pastures. The use of veterinary products such as avermectins which have insecticidal properties in the dung.


Natural beach transitions should be protected wherever they still survive. Maintain rough grazing on coastal pastures.