Archips oporana

Range & Status

Listed by Ball (1986) as pRDB1, probably correctly. Restricted to southern Britain, where it is very local and becoming scarcer (Bradley, Tremewan & Smith, 1973). Found in Europe and Asia, where it is occasionally a pest species, and in North America.

Regional Distribution

The past distribution of this species in Cornwall is confused because of difficulties in nomenclature. The common Archips podana used to be known as A. oporana , so many early records can be discounted. In Cornwall, recorded from the Redruth and Newquay areas and in 1967 from the Welcombe and Marsland nature reserve (the last recorded sighting). Its existence in Cornwall requires confirmation.

Habitat & Ecology

A species of conifer woodland, where the adult flies in afternoon and evening. The larvae feed on Scots Pine Pinus sylvestris , which is widely distributed in Cornwall, as well as Silver Fir Abies alba and Juniper Juniperus communis , which are rare.


None known.