Andrena marginata

Range & Status

Widely distributed in Britain and Ireland but is local and uncommon. This species has undergone a rapid decline in recent years and is now very much threatened. During the early 1990s it was regularly observed and recorded from the Gwithian dune system, however, recent attempts to relocate this species there and at Gear sands, has met with failure. Here the species used to be seen flying with Andrena hattorfiana and visiting Field Scabious Knautia arvensis . In September 1991 a small population was discovered feeding on Devils-bit Scabious Succisa pratensis on heathland at Woon Gumpus Common (West Penwith). Similar populations, feeding on this plant species, late in the year, have been recently discovered at several Scottish sites (Loch Ness and Aviemore). There now appears to be two distinct races of this species and DNA analysis is at present being undertaken to resolve this matter. The bee was found to be still present at the Woon Gumpus site in September 2007. However the population size seemed to be extremely small.