Anas crecca

Range & Status

Holarctic; in Britain and Ireland there are 2200 pairs breed; up to 197,000 in winter.

Regional Distribution

Cornwall: sporadic breeder (perhaps overlooked) on Bodmin Moor; a common winter

visitor to both freshwater and estuarine sites. Peak numbers have fluctuated between 1500 and 3000 in recent winters. Four sites have had peak counts of over 400 since 1985: Hayle, Walmsley Sanctuary, Colliford, Maer Lake and the Lynher, with Hayle consistently producing the largest counts. No sites are of National Importance. Isles of Scilly: it has bred here in the past; up to 69 in winter.

Habitat & Ecology

Feeds in flocks on middle reaches of estuaries, also by edges of shallow freshwater



Vulnerable to estuary development.


The main estuary sites are SSSI; all main sites are reserves or are afforded some form of protected status. Listed (long list) as a globally threatened/declining species (BSGR, 1995).