Anas clypeata

Range & Status

Holarctic; in Britain and Ireland 1000 pairs breed; 15,000 in winter.

Regional Distribution

Cornwall: a pair bred at Walmsley Sanctuary in 2007. A winter visitor and passage

migrant in small numbers (70-100 in total); numbers gradually increasing, with Loe Pool and Marazion Marsh most favoured, both taking more than 20. Isles of Scilly: up to 20 in most winters, chiefly on Tresco.

Habitat & Ecology

Favours shallow freshwater lakes, but becoming more regular on tidal estuaries in recent years, associating with Wigeon Anas penelope .


None known.


Protected under Schedule 2, Part 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and Annexe 11/1 of the European Union Conservation of Wild Birds Directive.