Agonopterix kuznetzovi

Range & Status

In Europe it was known from Cornwall, the southern Urals and central Kirgizstan (Langmaid & Pelham-Clinton, 1984), but has since been found in Somerset and Dorset (Emmet & Langmaid, 2002). The foodplant Saw-wort Serratula tinctoria occurs widely in Europe, including Britain.

Regional Distribution

First found in Cornwall in 1949 (Boscastle) but identified as A. kuznetzovi only in 1983, a new species for Britain (Langmaid & Pelham-Clinton, 1984). Also recorded from The Lizard e.g. at Mullion, Kynance Cove and Coverack. Apparently absent from the Perranporth/St. Agnes area.

Habitat & Ecology

The larvae at first mine the leaf of Saw-wort, later spinning the leaf into a tube. The adult overwinters, flying in the afternoon in autumn and the spring, occasionally coming to light (Spalding, 1996). Found on the cliffs of Cornwall.


None known.