Aglossa caprealis

Range & Status

Not listed by Parsons (1993) because it is found only in artificial or synanthropic conditions, but listed by Ball (1986) as notable. Goater (1986) notes that it is rarer than formerly. There are only two published recent records in Britain, in Cornwall (Spalding, 1991a) and in Essex (Harley, 1992), both records of adults to light. We consider that this species should be given RDB status.

Regional Distribution

Recorded in Cornwall once only on a farmyard near Truro (1990) and may not still be present.

Habitat & Ecology

The larvae feed on damp vegetable debris and animal foodstuffs such as oil cake residue in old farmyards. The adults rest on woodwork in barns.


The ' tidying-up' of old farmyards.


Conservation of old farmyards.