Agabus brunneus

Range & Status

A rare and very localised species recorded from Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire and the New Forest. A national distribution map is provided by Foster (1983).

Regional Distribution

First recorded from The Lizard in 1919 by J.H. Keys; subsequent records are from Gwithian in 1938 by R.T. Bannister and again in 1981 by A.P. Foster, and Porthtowan in 1962 (Eve, 1963). Attempts to locate the species at these sites have failed in recent years, and it is now apparently restricted to a stream near Portreath, where it is uncommon and highly localised.

Habitat & Ecology

Inhabits small stony and gravelly streams, some of which may dry out.


Habitat loss; pollution of watercourses by point and diffuse sources; scrub encroachment of small watercourses.


This species is listed on the UK BAP Priority species list (2007) and was listed (middle list) as a globally threatened/declining species (BSGR, 1995).